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Looking to nail those professional voice-over sessions? Need access to Source Connect? Or maybe you need to record a whole cast! Look no further – we’ve got you covered at Get Ready Sound!
Whether you’re scouting talent, hunting for a space to record a full session, or require Source Connect for a remote gig, we’ve got everything you need to make your voice sound stellar for any professional voice-over job.

Drop us a line for rates and booking. Let’s make your voice shine!

Broadcast Recording $200/hr
Source Connect Sessions $95/hr
Contact us for bulk rates


Got a big audition and feeling a bit lost? Need a place where your voice can truly sparkle and shine? Look no further – we’ve got your back! Be it animation, commercial, video games or narration! Our expert team will help your voice stand out among the crowd.
At Get Ready Sound, we’ve got all the tools to make your voice-over audition shine brighter than the rest. With top-notch equipment and expert coaching, you’ll be snagging those dream jobs before you know it!

Don’t wait – reach out and book your audition with us today!

Auditions $150/hr

VO Demo

Ready to kickstart your voice-over career like never before? At Get Ready Sound, we’re not just about crafting voice-over demos – we’re about sculpting masterpieces that’ll leave agents and clients clamoring for more!
From animation and video games to commercial, narration, and e-learning, we’ve got the knack for making your vocal talents shine in every genre. Our secret sauce? We cover every base, from coaching to scriptwriting, recording, and full audio production. You just bring your amazing self to the mic, and we’ll handle the rest!

Get ready to stand out from the crowd with a voice-over demo that’s as unique as you are. Let’s make magic happen – reach out to us today!


  • Full Demo Production

    We cover everything from recording, coaching script writing and post audio. This is a multi day process, please contact us for more details

  • Animation and Video Game Demo

    3 hrs in studio recording time, plus post audio production.

  • Narration Demo

    3 hrs in studio recording time, plus post audio production.

  • Commercial and E-Learning Demo

    3 hrs in studio recording time, plus post audio production.

  • Coaching

    Per session

  • Demo addition

    Add a new spot to your existing demo

  • Script Writing


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